Machane Shachbag and Tet - 2018

Dear Shachbag and Tet Parents and Chanichim,

The excitement for the 9th grade and Machane Shachbag is already palpable and grows each day.

Between February 15-19 2018 we will participate in the highlight event of the year for the Shachbag and 9th graders (Tet) - Machane Shachbag and Machane Tet of Hanhagat Tzabar in California. All 24 tribes participate with more than 900 9th-12th grade chanichim from around the US.

The camps will have the chanichim participating in various educational activities with other chanichim from other tribes in similar age groups. The activities include fire signs, scout building, Tzababa night and many activities focusing on Israel and Israeli-American identity. 

The 9th graders will have a separate camp this year for the full camp, and then join the rest of the Shachbag on Monday for a trip to LA. The 9th grade camp focuses on hadracha, leadership and preparing them to enter the shachbag next year!!

The cost of the camp is $695 if you pay with check or $712 if you pay with credit card and it is subsidized by Hanhagat Tzabar. It includes all flights, transportation, meals, 24/7 security and nurse etc...


If you are paying with a check split them as follow:

1.       $200, date: 11/10/17, this sum is nonrefundable.

2.       $495, date: 12/15/17, Ilanit will let the group know when it will be deposit.

Please bring the checks to Ilanit Habot no later than 11/8/17.


Please read the refund policy here.


Registration ends at 11/8/17. Please register ASAP so we can to reserve an airline seat.


The flights will leave Thursday morning and the return flight will depart Monday night. Exact details will be shared once the group reservation is available.

Please be advised that the chanichim will arrive to New Jersey on Tuesday 2/20/18.


Hanhagat Tzabar recommends each child bring a photo ID. 

For those who need to check a suitcase, there will be a 25$ charge for each way. We recommend the kids share a suitcase for the sleeping bags and any fluids in containers bigger than 3.3 Fl. Oz  (100ml) they need to bring. You will need to bring the $25 in cash in advance to Ilanit Habot.

MAKE SURE NOT TO PACK FLUIDS OVER 3.3 Fl Ozs or Knives or any TSA forbidden articles in the CARRY-ONS.

For packing, remember the days are warm, while the nights are cold.

We recommend sending some money with your child to allow for food or drink purchase on the airplane/airport as a meal is not served. While food can be brought from home, bottled drinks CANNOT!

On Monday 2/19/17 we will have a short trip to the Los Angeles area. More details to follow, but please send some pocket money with your child for this day.



While registering your child please keep in mind the following important Guidelines:

You must write your child’s name as it appears in his traveling document. (driver’s license, passport or any other document).

If the child has a middle name - you must write it down.

All the above must be written in capital letters.

Please make sure your child’s insurance and health information is up to date.

You may enter your child’s frequent flyer number, if he has one.

Last date to register is 11/8/17



Please make sure to read and sign the behavior code together with your child, we would like to re-iterate that untoward behavior by your child might cause their suspension from the camp and will require their return home at the PARENTS' expense!



Let us know if you have any further questions,

Shevet Metzada