Shevet Metzada - Yom Hatzofe 2019

Yom Hatzofe - a day full of exciting experiences, including challenging typical scouting activities, scout-stlye cooking, collaborative group assignments, fire ceremony (Tekes Esh) and scouts rank promotion ceremony.



Yom Hatzofe will be held on Sunday 11/3/2019 in the Scout Camp at Alpine .



In order to participate in Yom Hatzofe, the following must be completed until 10 pm 10/29/2019:

-    The Chanich must be registered with the Shevet.

-    The Chanich’s fees to the Shevet must be paid in full.

-    Fill out the Yom Hatzofe registration form using the link at the bottom of this page.

Please note: No registrations will be accepted after the time stated above.


Time of Arrival to the Shevet:

07:00 am for Shachbag (10th through 12th grade Chanichim).

07:30 am for the rest of the Chanichim.


Transportation to the camp:

We will take a coach bus in one direction only - from the JCC to the camp grounds. Arriving independently would not be permitted. For special exceptions, please contact Efrat Litvin and also make sure the Gdud Mom is made aware of the exception.


Parents Arrival:

Families are invited to arrive at the camp grounds at 3:45 pm to attend the scout ceremonies.

This is an excellent opportunity for the family members to take part in the Chanichim’s fire ceremony, scout rank promotions and presentation of the Aniva. It’s a not-to-be-missed experience! This area is beautiful at this time of year and you can use this opportunity to make it a family trip.


Transportation back home:

At the end of the ceremony each Chanich is expected to travel back home independently with his or her family. If you are unable to pick up your Chanich, please coordinate his ride back home in advance. There will be no organized transportation back home.



The Shevet will not be providing any food at Yom Hatzofe. Each Chanich is kindly requested to bring:

-    Water

-    A bag with a light meal such as a sandwich, fruits, etc. that does not require cooking or heating.

Please bring enough for the entire day. Please don't send too many snacks. In particular, avoid any snacks containing peanuts.


Uniform and attire:

All Chanichim must wear their official Tzofim Khaki shirt and long khaki pants. A Chanich wearing different attire will not be permitted to join and will not receive an Aniva.

A Chanich should be wearing closed shoes (for his/her own safety) and bring warm clothes for the cool late afternoon hours.


Health issues:

A Chanich requiring taking prescribed medicine during camp hours must bring the prescription with him/her. We have no authority to help them with taking their medicines.

If a Chanich is sick at that day he/she will not be allowed to attend for obvious reasons. Note that we will not be able to provide any treatment for the sick, except for medical emergency.


Cellular phone:

The Chanichim are requested NOT to bring their personal phones to the camp grounds. Reception is very limited, the phones are a distraction and have a tendency to get lost. There will be enough accompanying parents around to help contacting family/others if needed.


Accompanying parents:

Every Kvuza (group) will be accompanied by a volunteer parent. Volunteer parents are requested to arrive at the Shevet at 7:30am. The parents will use their private vehicle to get to the camp once the buses leave, except for a few designated parents which will ride with the Shevet bus.



Camp address:

6 Sprout Lake Camp, Route 82, Verbank, NY 12585



If there is a change in your insurance or in the medical condition of the chanich - please update your information in the form.

Shevet Metzada would like to thank Dr. Sandman for sponsoring Yom Hatzofe 2018