Code of Ethics – Leadership Seminar 2018


The Code of Ethics was written in order to maintain that the seminar will uphold a friendly, pleasant, and respectful environment. The goal of this document is to clarify the expectations of each participant of the seminar, to establish what lines are not to be crossed, and what the immediate disciplinary ramifications will be.


1.        I pledge to uphold the dignity of my fellow chanichim and the seminar leadership and staff, and be courteous to one another.

2.        I pledge to uphold the laws of the State (California/New York) and I am aware that my breaking the law obligates Hanhagat Tzabar’s leadership to report such an infraction to the police and my parents immediately.

3.        I pledge that I will not bring with me to the seminar any alcohol, drugs tobacco or vape, nor will I consume any of these while at camp. I am aware that the possession and/or use of any of the aforementioned items would result in my immediate expulsion from the seminar and will also impact the future of my activities in the Shevet and within Hanhagat Tzabar.

4.     I am aware that being caught around other people who uses one of the above will result the same way as using it myself.

5.        I pledge that I will not use physical or verbal violence at, or on the way to and from the seminar. I am aware that any incident of violence will be dealt with severely by the leadership team.

6.        I pledge that I will not have sex during the camp and promise to keep the privacy of my friends, the participants and in particular my cabin mates.

7.        I am aware that the dress-code for most of the time at the seminar is full khaki. Chanichim wearing khaki shorts that are too short will be required to wear khaki leggings underneath.

8.        I am aware that all valuable equipment that I bring to camp is solely my responsibility, and I pledge not to touch or handle equipment or property that does not belong to me.

9.        I pledge to preserve the integrity and cleanliness of the camp/JCC.

10.     I pledge to remain within the campgrounds and will not leave the campgrounds unless during an organized activity.

11.     I pledge to be punctual and to attend all activities organized at the camp/JCC - fraternal, regimental or tribal (shivti). I understand that I can only be excused from activities by my shevet director (merakez) or fraternity counsellor. 

12.     I am aware that all of my expulsion from the seminar will be fully financed by my parents.

13.     I understand that any infringement of the laws of the camp/JCC, including violence, sexual activity or the possession or use of drugs or alcohol will lead to immediate expulsion from the seminar and a ban on future participation in future Hanhaga events (next year’s Machane Shachbag, Machane Tzababa etc.) and removal from Shevet activities.

14.     I understand that if an incident, not specified here, occurs – examination and handling of each case will be at the discretion of the Rosh Shevet and Merzkez Shevet.


Yours faithfully, Hanhagat Tzabar and Merakzim Bogrim