Spring Camp 2019

Over 800 Chanichim of nine Shvatim from the East Coast will meet for an unforgettable Summer Camp at Cedar Lake Camp in Milford, Pennsylvania.

During the camp, the Chanichim will undergo Tzofim activities in the Israeli spirit as well as joint activities with the Chanichm of other Shvatim from Hanhagat Tzabar.


You will not want to miss this camp!



The camp will be held between 5/17/19 to 5/19/19. The whole Shevet goes out for two nights.



In order to enroll the children, you must register and pay using the link at the bottom of this page. Registration is open and will continue until 4/29/19 at 9 PM. Starting from 4/29/19 at 9 pm, a late registration will begin (additional fee of $30 per Chanich). Registration will be closed on 5/1/19 at 5 pm. Registration will not be allowed beyond these dates.

Registration is online only.


Details about the registration fee, late registration policy and cancellation policy can be read here. You will not be able to receive a refund for cancellation of your enrollment after the late registration period begins.

For any questions regarding registration, please contact the mother in charge of your group.


Leaving for the camp

4th to 9th grade Chanichim are requested to arrive at the JCC on Friday at 8:30 am.

Shachbag are  requested to arrive at the JCC on Friday at 8:00 am.


All the Chanichim will be taken to the camp on buses organized by the Shevet, unless a written notice was sent in advance to Efrat Litvin.


We cannot wait for latecomers! Please be sure to be on time at the JCC so that we can go out as planned and avoid the morning traffic at the JCC. In addition, the bus company charges us a fine for delays beyond the set time.


Meeting point

Each Gdud will receive a meeting point from the group's mother. Please park the vehicles and escort the children on foot to the meeting area. Please do not park any vehicles at the camp area as it blocks the passage and interferes the morning traffic. Parents from the Vaad will assist in directing the chanichim to their buses, and will check attendance on the bus.

The Madrichim and the group’s parents will hand out colored identification straps to the Chanichim in order to facilitate group identifications when arriving at the camp. Please make sure that your child has received the strap and that it is attached to his / her personal equipment

It is very important not to disturb the morning traffic at the JCC; please do not double park.


Full khaki

Leaving for the camp requires full khaki. A Chanich without full khaki would not be able to leave for the camp.


Back from the camp

All the Chanichim will return to the JCC on Sunday, May 19th 2019 around 6pm. This is an estimated ETA. We will notify at the corresponding WhatsApp groups when we leave the camp for the JCC.

All the Chanichim will return from the camp on buses organized by the Shevet, unless written notice was sent in advance to Efrat Litvin .


Food and Drink

Chanichim can not bring any kind of food to camp/bus.

Please have your child eat breakfast before arriving to the Jcc.

The Shevet will organize a snack table for the entire Shevet upon arrival to the camp.



Do not send food / snacks / sweets with the children.

The Shevet will provide all participants with snacks. Camp policy forbids bringing food into the cabins since it attracts pests.

In this regard, we ask for the full cooperation of all the Shevet parents. If a Chanich is to bring food into the cabin, his Madrich would be forced to collect the food from him. Please do not force this unpleasant situation on the Madrichim, the Chanich or his friends.

 If the Shevet will get a fine- the parents of the kid will have to pay that fine.

Escorting parents

Since many Shvatim attend this camp and the camp’s capacity is limited, the Hanhaga  assigns a very limited number of escorting parents to each Shevet. We are not able to allow as many escorting parents as we had for the winter camp.

Parents who wish to escort are requested to send Rony Bejerano an email no later than 4/14/19 and to indicate the reason for the parent's desire to join.

In light of this restriction, not all requests would be answered positively.  Unfortunately we cannot accept late requests or oral requests.

Please note that escorting parents are expected to help with the camp activity. This includes guarding night shifts, watching Chanichim in the evening when the Madrichim are at their own activity; help with the operation of the camp at the request of the staff, etc. Parents who join commit to staying for the full period of the camp and are requested to leave the camp only after all the buses leave the camp. Moreover, all escorting parents must attend a preliminary coordination meeting with the Shevet’s coordinator and the head of the Shevet. This is a prerequisite for escorting parents.


Equipment list

The list of personal equipment for the camp is listed below. Please write your child's name on his / her equipment. The Madrichim and the group’s parents will hand out colored identification straps to the Chanichim in order to facilitate group identifications when arriving at the camp and assignment into the cabins. Please make sure that your child has received the strap and that it is attached to his / her personal equipment

# Sleeping Bag

# Bed sheet (recommended)

# Warm clothes for the evenings

# Comfortable clothes for the day

# Hat

# Spare underwear (socks, underwear, tank tops)

# Full khaki including necktie (aniva) - Please write the name of the child on the shirt

#The Shevet’s white shirt for Kabalat Shabbat. Please write the name of the child on the shirt

# bathing suit - a must for every chachich

#change of clothes for water activities

#Flip flops/crocs+towel for water activity

# Flashlight - Important! Preferably a headlight

# Warm closed shoes and an extra pair for replacement if necessary

# Toiletries & Towel

# Toilet Paper

# Bottles of water (at least 1.5L per kid)

#Please send reusable water bottles. There will be water stations in the camp to fill them throughout the day. The chanichim would be able to fill the bottles before going to the cabins at night.

# Prescriptions if needed

# Black-Red Decorations

# Insect repellant

# Sun block


# Clothes for ‘sport day’

# Clothes for the ‘color run’ (that you don’t mind getting dirty).

#If it will rain please send rain coat/poncho, one more set of clothes and shoes

# Please pay attention to special requests from the Madrichim. Please check with your group’s Mom.

In addition to the list above - please bring these items for each Gdud:

רשימת ציוד נוספת עבור כל גדוד

גדוד ד - הגדוד יחולק לארבע קבוצות, כל קבוצה מתבקשת להביא חולצה בצבע שלה כתום/ורוד כהה/ לבן/ ירוק כהה

גדוד ה - 3 חולצות לבנות שאפשר ללכלך

גדוד ו - לפעילות הנהגתית, כל ילד יתבקש להביא חולצה בצבע מסויים. אמהות הגדוד ישלחו הודעה עם צבע החולצה. בנוסף, יש להביא גם חולצה לבנה שאפשר ללכלך

גדוד ז - פיג’מה או וונזי

גדוד ח - חולצה אדומה או כחולה, הילדים קבלו רשימה מהמדריכות

גדוד ט - חולצה אדומה או שחורה, המדריכים יודיעו לכל חניך איזה צבע להביא

Valuables and phones

Please do not send valuables.

It is recommended to leave the mobile phones at home. The camp will have accompanying parents who can be contacted if needed. In accordance with the Shevet policy regarding cell phones, phones will be collected upon arrival and will be given back upon boarding the bus at the end of the camp. Parents are asked to explain the subject of the phone to their children before leaving for the camp. This policy is implemented throughout the summer camps and proves itself to significantly improve the quality of the experience and greatly helps conducting the Peula. Thank you for your cooperation.


Medical matters and health problems

Do not send a sick child to the camp! Accommodation is in communal rooms and there is an obvious risk of infection, therefore sick children are asked to stay home.

For children who are receiving medication for a chronic condition, the parent must inform by e-mail  Efrat Litvin prior to leaving to the camp. Do not notify the Madrich or other parents. The accompanying Madrichim or parents will not administer medicines to the children unless otherwise instructed and authorized by the child’s parent.

There will be a resident nurse at the camp, capable of giving first aid if necessary. The nurse is not equipped for treating pre-existing conditions.


Expected behavior at the camp

In the camp, an uncompromising policy will be applied to cases of violence, alcohol, smoking and drugs. A Chanich who will not behave according to policy will be asked to leave the camp and his parents will need to come and pick him up. Please discuss this policy with your children before leaving for the camp.


Communication and cellular reception in the camp

In the camp, there is almost no cell phone reception and no Internet access. Each group parent will be updated with the field activities and will publish them in the WhatsApp group.

In case of an emergency, please contact the Gdud's mom who will inform the rest of the parents in the camp.


Visiting the camp

The accompanying parents are there to help with the Chanichim during the camp. All parents have a commitment to all members of the Shevet. Other parents should not visit their children during the camp. The camp has enough accompanying parents and there is no need for further assistance. Thank you for your cooperation.



The credit card charge is for FOIS - Friend Of Israeli Scouts, and not for Shevet Metzada.

During enrollment, please review the insurance details and any allergies you noted at the beginning of the year. Update if necessary.